CEFS Apprenticeship 2011 – A New Season

Each year around this time, CEFS welcomes four apprentices to the Goldsboro community to experience a full growing season at the Small Farm Unit.–you’ll get to know the apprentices a little more in the next post. Apprenticeships are rare opportunities these days.  In having a recent conversation with these four “young” folks, I have a better understanding of what it takes for a person to uproot his/herself from familiar surroundings to be launched into an unfamiliar place and be absorbed by new ideas, understandings and discoveries. Below are a few quotes that places the humility it takes to pause ones life in search of learning and knowing in perspective…

“I want to start being a resource for people who want more information about food sustainability, for folks who want to be able to start a community garden, finding the need and filling that need”

“I know that Goldsboro is a temporary stop in my life and community connections would probably end when I leave, but I look forward to developing new connections and building skills on how to do that when move to my “home” town. I want to find a place and get to know the community and call that ‘my’ community.”

“I’m recognizing how different things are in different locations/regions; important that direction move in is rooted in the context of the rural south. I wouldn’t want to be learning in a place that didn’t fit the context I want to apply it to.”

“On the farming side of things – want to make money from what is learned here, would like to try to live in the city possibly as an urban farm manager, continue being in a learning mode for a couple more years after this.  I think that’s the most adequate learning mode for me right now.”

“I like spending time with real people, doing what they do and recognizing the interconnectedness of food into these things. In rural areas food is really important and can be a source of empowerment, particularly in the rural south; stuff is already happening outside of me and I see the opportunity to jump in; I like the idea of a resource as being a more passive role; I want to understand how empowerment happens.”

“A challenge [of the apprenticeship} could be creating a sense of ownership that you feel good about and in a responsible way not feeling like you’ve just dropped it when you leave and like its not just for you; want to feel like this is a reciprocal relationship.”

“[I’m] excited about Goldsboro.  It’s different in a lot of good ways.  It’s been gratifying to show up and feel welcomed instantly…refreshing to be in a small community that is good about being what it is.  A lot like a place I can imagine living in.  People I come in contact with, the place that they live and what they share has made the most out of my life and my existence.”



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