Rolling Into Summer…

Hello world, My apologies for the long gap between the previous post and this one; things are getting pretty busy around here. The apprentices have been doing some pretty cool things on the farm and in the community over the past month. One of the biggest highlights was the inaugural Goldsboro Community Garden Bike Tour. Shorlette (and everyone else who helped her) obviously did a great job organizing and advertising the tour, because the attendance was fantastic. People of all ages, from young children up to at least one senior citizen, came out to enjoy the cool evening air and see what’s growing in Goldsboro.

The tour started in the flourishing garden at the Wayne County Public Library. Everyone seemed very impressed by the beauty of the library garden’s design and the healthy plants within.


Getting Ready to Go at the Library Garden



Once everyone was ready, we moved on down the road, with a police escort, no less, to the W. A. Foster Recreation Center. The good folks at the Foster Center have a great garden growing in a collection of raised beds. We saw strawberries, potatoes, and many other good-looking veggies.

Cooling off in the Foster Center Garden

Our third stop was at Freedom Farm, Goldsboro’s own urban farm project. For the past couple of months, the apprentices and Shorlette have been working on a garden with Mrs. Wanda Register, who runs a group home for women transitioning out of incarceration. The spring and summer crops we’ve been growing with Mrs. Register are intended to help offset some of the food costs for the home, as well as providing fresh, nutritious food for the women living there.

Mrs. Register and the apprentices after a work day at Freedom Farm

Next we moved on to Dillard Academy. At Dillard, elementary school children are learning how to grow and prepare food for themselves. Dillard Academy has  a large garden plot behind the school which boasts some impressively large cabbages, along with an assortment of other vegetables. Here, the children learn great skills and seem to have a lot of fun while they’re at it.

The vibrant veggies of Dillard Academy

The final leg of the tour took us to Plum Tree Marketplace, a vibrant farmers’ market coordinated by Dreamweaver. After learning about all of the great community gardens in Goldsboro, being able to put money into the hands of growers and artisans from the area was icing on the cake.

Checking out the wares at Plum Tree Marketplace

Everyone who attended the Bike Tour seemed extremely impressed. I even heard several requests for another tour in the fall! We might have to talk to Shorlette about that…


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