New Season, New Apprentice

As October turned to November, the full season apprentices on the Small Farm Unit departed and a winter apprentice arrived.  As the new apprentice, I would like to introduce myself and thank the previous apprentices for all the hard work they did that has enabled us to provide the local soup kitchen with a bounty of fresh food.

I am Callie Herron.  I have no farming background and in a what now seems like past life, didn’t like to get my hands dirty or interact with animals.  In the past year I have gone from college graduation at UNC-Asheville and working at a grocery store, to being a Policy Intern with the Organic Farming Research Foundation on Capitol Hill, to becoming a Small Farm Apprentice and Dairy Assistant here in Goldsboro, NC.

Over the past few weeks I have learned that I now love to get my hands (and pretty much everything else) dirty working in the greenhouses, milking cows, feeding baby cows, etc.,etc. And I have also learned that Baby Jersey/Holstein Cross Calves (don’t worry there will be pictures) are some of the cutest animals in the world. I am marveled by animals, nature, and plants and feel so privileged to have the opportunity to work the land and grow food.

This place, this community, is awe inspiring, breathtaking, and life altering.  Thank you for joining me on this farming journey.



One thought on “New Season, New Apprentice

  1. elton larry worley

    i am very proud to worked with her. she has made a great farm girl and a fine young lady. we will miss her, larry


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