Meet our Newest Addition!

The small farm family just got a little bigger!  Busha and I are now the proud parents of approximately 200 Highliner Hens.  We were all set for their arrival about a week ago, after having built four chicken tractors for them. Unfortunately, so too were the Red Tail Hawks who have feasted on a few of our birds.  For the immediate future the hens will stay tucked away in their homes so they do not become lunch for the hawks. After Christmas Busha and I will be busy working on a network of netting that will allow the chickens to hit the ground and be happy, healthy, and free of worry!

We were blessed with these birds by an NC State researcher who will be using them for a fascinating research project starting January 17th.  At that time, our family will be growing even larger with an addition of 4 steers who will be providing patties for the project.

Welcome Highliners!  We are so happy you are here!

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