Happy New Year, Happy Harvest

Although we may be considered the ‘Small’ Farm Unit don’t let the name fool you…we produce an extraordinary amount and variety of fresh food, even in the winter!  Since I have been here, we have donated hundreds of pounds of tomatoes, dozens of cases of broccoli and collards, and large quantities of kohlrabi, spinach, cabbage, and much, much more to the local soup kitchen and other entities that provide food for the hungry.

For thanksgiving meals alone we delivered–10 cases of collards, 1.5 cases of cabbage, 3 cases of broccoli, 4 cases of spinach, 10 cases of tomatoes, 4 cases of lettuces, 2 of kohlrabi, 3 of turnips, 1 of mustard greens, and over 3 lbs. of ginger.

Below are some photos of our fall plot and our weekly deliveries!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the winter plot comes to a close, the Small Farm is busy planning for the upcoming seasons.  We are reaching out to our partners in the community better understand how many people they serve, what they prepare, and the nutritional and dietary needs of those they serve.  It is our hope to continue to support our community by producing healthy produce through our stewardship of the land, tedious planning, and the continued and invaluable help of our extraordinary volunteers.

Here’s to a 2012 full of Mother Nature’s most beautiful bounty!


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