Winter Prepping for Spring Planting

Who knew the dead of winter could be so busy on a farm.  We have been working hard to get the the chickens all set to be out in the open, protected from the hawks, and easy to move and manage. We’ve been tilling the greenhouses, taking soil samples, checking our seed inventory, and doing a lot of winter cleaning so that we are fully prepared and ready for the spring and summer seasons.   Our days our filled with being out on the farm which has left little time to reflect and sit down at a computer.  The dreary weather has brought us indoors today where will be focusing on this years farm plan.   Soon, the seeds will be ordered, the farm will be cleaned and prepped, and the full season apprentices will begin arriving!  If prepping is this much fun and educational, I can’t imagine how incredible it will be when we actually start planting seeds!  Let the excitement and joy continue! Happy day!

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