Greetings from the CEFS Cherry Dairy!

We are well underway with calving season at the Cherry Research Farm Pasture-Based Dairy Unit at CEFS in Goldsboro, NC! This lil’ guy came down with a severe case of scours (diarrhea) and became very dehydrated. He felt so badly that he wouldn’t drink his milk, but with some TLC and electrolytes, he’s a spry little calf again! He would hardly sit still for the picture!! Now that he is recovered, he has been moved to join the other calves in a group-rearing pasture (photos and videos of their feedings to follow)…

This beautiful Jersey heifer is SUPER pregnant for the first time and is part of our “expecting herd” that we keep fat and happy in our close-ups lot. While in this lot they are carefully monitored by our staff for signs of labor and we are the first to respond if she needs help delivering her calf! After she delivers, we will collect her nutrient-rich colostrum, or first milk, and test its quality before feeding it directly to the calves–it is a very important meal for them to establish their immunity, build their digestive systems, and gain enough energy to explore their new world!


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