Lettuce Harvest!

Kellyn here. I am one of the Small Farm Unit apprentices for this year. I’ve been here about a month now and have learned so much already. Hopefully I can share some of what I learn on here!

Today was a harvest day. We have two high tunnels full on lettuce. We estimate there are almost 2,000 plants in each house. That’s a lot of salad!


So we spent a good part of today harvesting and cleaning. Actually, we only got about a third of one houses finished, which amounted to over 100 lbs of lettuce.


We learned from our first harvest to start as early as possible in the day. The lettuces tend to wilt if they are cut late morning or afternoon. We got these out by 8 AM and they held up really well.

We’ve had quite a problem with aphids in the houses so we had to be extra thorough in cleaning them up. Those little buggers are quite persistent! I wish I had a good picture of them. They totally covered the underside of the leaves on some of the plants. Thankfully, we have a nice wash station at the farm to tackle them.


Lettuce can be pretty fragile so we are sending it off to various churches and soup kitchens to make sure it doesn’t go to waste.


On an unrelated note, we treated some fire ant mounds in our greenhouse Monday and have already seen the results. I’m fascinated by watching the ants work. Perhaps its a bit grotesque but its amazing how they continue working during all that devastation caused by the poison. As a matter of fact, they continued clearing their tunnels and just moved the dead ants into neat piles outside as you can see below. I never knew I enjoyed watching bugs so much until starting this apprenticeship!


Until next time! Have a salad.


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