We like crawling around in the dirt

Mary Claire and I spent most of the day tackling those pesky in row weeds in our beets, turnips and carrots. It’s tough work but there is something satisfying about pulling out all that henbit and nut grass and really making the veggies shine.


We get most of the weeds with a stirrup hoe but we have to hand weed the ones tangled up with the vegetables. I’m looking forward to learning more about weed management for organic growers.

Also, our old blackberry bushes are blooming!

Unfortunately, they have issues with stem borers so we will be taking them out. But we already have replacements planted.

Also, I spent the morning at the swine unit. This is my first real introduction to raising pigs so its very exciting. Truly I am interested in having a very small herd, less than 10, but I do want to see how a larger operation is run. Even the CEFS operation of about 300 is small compared to most conventional farms. They invited me back to help during farrowing (when the pregnant sows give birth to piglets!) in a couple of weeks. Should be pretty interesting!


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