Wrapping up a very solid week

What an amazing feeling to end your week by seeing the tangible progress and fruits (literally) of your labor. Our beds are looking great after cleaning them up this week.
Mary Claire hopped on the tractor today for the first time. She’s looking like a pro already!
We also did our final harvest on the first lettuce high tunnel this morning. Boy I’m glad to have that finished! Those aphids were intense.

We are using whats called a hobo system in those lettuce houses to collect temperature and humidity throughout the day. That data will be used in the research being done at NC A&T. Here is what it looks like. (You can see all the lettuce has been harvested for the most part.)
We are not finished with lettuce yet though! Oh no. We have the second high tunnel to harvest along with the beautiful heads in the field. Thankfully the aphids have not descended on the field. 20130503-180350.jpg
Turnip greens will be ready soon! But you better get some before Evan eats them all! Evan is a research specialist here that spends most of his time at the Small Farm keeping it going and teaching us. He’s been educating Mary Claire and me on fine dining, eastern North Carolina style.

One last note. I’ve seen three black widow spiders in the past week alone. Should I be concerned?? Lets just hope I don’t get in their way.


3 thoughts on “Wrapping up a very solid week

  1. busha

    The farm really looks great. Wonderful pictures. Feels great to see such vitality in the beds. Seems like a good team has formed really quickly. Congrats Evan for moving things along so well after having really just arrived. The place really looks great. I often miss being there and am so glad things are going so well. Hope to visit over the growing season. Have a great season.

  2. Sarah

    Your hard work looks like success!!! Good thing a cold spring has kept a few of those pesky insects at bay. Keep on battling.
    I love seeing all the photos. Keep them coming.
    ~ Sarah


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