From BT to feather meal

It’s really amazing to me how full and varied our days are on the farm. And I just love it.

We started out with a farm wide safety meeting. Then we came back to our farm and scouted for pests in our spring block. We found quite a few worms amongst our cabbages!

Can you see him?
He did a good bit of damage.
We believe they are clover worms and not cabbage loopers because they do not “loop” up when you touch them.
We counted how many we could find in a small area and it was more than the threshold for treating. So we pulled out the BT and got a little experience with the backpack sprayer. BT, of course, is a biological pesticide that infects worms with a nasty fungus which kills them. It was strangely exciting to use BT since I’ve heard about it for so long. It really is the small things…

Next, I wrestled with the bees for a bit (which will be a separate post altogether one of these days) and did some tractor work prepping our summer field.

Then we applied feather meal fertilizer to the tomato and pepper beds to make sure they have enough precious nitrogen to grow big and delicious.


Finally we laid plastic mulch for the tomatoes and peppers. I would be so bold to say that we are experts with that plastic layer by the end of today… Smh. Suffice it to say we learned the hard way, but learned nonetheless!

All this, of course, was intermingled with the routine watering, caring for the cattle, and what not.

See what I mean about a full and varied day! You really can’t beat it.

Until tomorrow’s adventures.


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