Save the bees!

Happy Thursday, everyone! It was a gorgeous day on the farm today. It gave us a little preview of the summer heat to come, although we were assured several times that we haven’t seen anything yet. Well, I’ve lived in Austin and San Antonio for the last three years, so hopefully I’m hardened off to stand the heat. (Like my greenhouse lingo?)
This morning I got to take part in splitting a few of the bee hives in an effort to increase the number of hives in our bee yard. Bees are such an integral part of growing food, so I have jumped on the opportunity to learn how to keep them. I recently read that they pollinate something like 80% of all flowering crops, which makes up a lot of what we eat! Having a healthy hive around can really make a difference in fruit/vegetable size and yield.

So, I knew how important they are but I didn’t know how fascinating they are to watch!
I’m pretty much just observing at this point but I’ve gotten to see the inter workings of the hives. It’s so amazing to spot the queen bee, see the honey, nectar, and brood in each cell of the comb, and even watch a bee “hatching” from one of the cells!

Just another reason I love doing this work.
Hopefully as I learn more about beekeeping, I can share again in a little more detail.

The rest of the day was split between measuring trees at the farming systems research unit (more on that another time) and planting tomatoes and peppers at an after school program garden. It’s good to get off the farm every now and again!

Thanks for reading!


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