The abundance of harvest time

Yesterday we had a big harvest! We took about 275 lbs of food to the soup kitchen, crisis center and a developmental disability center. We have turnips, beets, and heads of lettuce coming out our ears!

We started first thing in the morning as usual.

It was fun to pull out those root veggies and find the treasure underneath the soil!

Evan was quite proud of the turnips. 🙂

Our beets are a bit small still but we hope people will use the greens as well. I know I will!

We also wanted to thin them a bit so hopefully we will have bigger roots next harvest.

And the lettuce could not have been more beautiful!

We did not have any pest issues on the field lettuce (aphid is a bad word around us after washing all those lettuces from the high tunnel…) and the heads were just sooooo much healthier than the ones in the high tunnels. There are several reasons for this, the biggest being that we fertilized the field and not the high tunnel. The high tunnel lettuces were part of a research project and weren’t supposed to be fertilized. It was a good opportunity to see the impact of soil nutrition!

’twas a successful morning!

In the afternoon, we spent some much needed time in the office planning our CSA! Boy it’s gonna be good! I’ll tell you guys more about it later…

Now time to visit the Raleigh farmers market finally! Happy Saturday!


3 thoughts on “The abundance of harvest time

  1. busha

    Abundance is the result of a wonderful dance with nature. Abundant farming also is result of knowing not how to lead but how to follow natures lead. Congratulations for being a great partner with nature and a healthy team of hard working people. It brings me great joy to know the seeds and transplants we started in the spring are now coming to fruition for yourselves and the people of eastern NC…..well done….and thank you.


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