This week’s happenings

Kellyn again. It’s been an out of the ordinary week at the small farm so I’ve been knocked off my game a little, as far as blogging goes.

Monday I was fortunate enough to tag along with the livestock apprentices and visit one of the dairys that Rachel mentioned in her post below. It was really neat to get a little insight into what it means to run your own dairy.

ImageTuesday was mostly routine but we did start talking more seriously about our CSA (community supported agriculture) project this summer. Mary Claire and I are very interested in learning the business of running a small farm, and CSA’s are a crucial part of that. I think I’ll save the details for another post though. We still have quite a few details to hammer out, anyway.

Wednesday, we spent a good part of the day sprucing up the sign in front of the farm! It was fun to do a little landscaping and I think it turned out purdy nice. We chose perennials with the hope that it will stay purdy for many years to come.





Wednesday, I also attended the Neuse Regional Beekeepers monthly meeting. I was thoroughly impressed by how well attended the meeting was! There are quite a lot of people that are keeping bees in this area. I learned a lot just from listening to people’s questions and the discussion they prompted. Stay tuned for more information about an event we will be having for National Honeybee Day in August…

Today, we planted a half acre of stevia! Thankfully there were many hands involved, as well as some machinery to automate the process. It was a nice opportunity to see how a transplanter works.

Stevia is pretty cool too. It is a natural sweetener and has some properties that make it ideal for diabetics as well as those on low carb diets. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar so it packs quite a punch. We planted this demo and research plot here at Cherry because it has potential to be a viable cash crop for many former tobacco farmers in this area. Next time you are in the sugar aisle at the grocery, check it out!


So that basically catches us up for the week. We’ve been busy as usual, as you can see! Things will just be getting busier as the summer gets going. We have 14 interns on the way, a Junior Master Gardener program, our CSA project, and endless workshops and festivals planned.

I sure haven’t been disappointed in all the wonderful activities and opportunities to engage and learn in Goldsboro and the region!

Thanks for reading!




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