Beetle Juice. Beetle Juice. Beetle Juice.

No, not the Tim Burton movie. (Although, I love that film. What a classic.)

I’m talking about the stuff you encounter when practicing organic pest control and squishing buggies off your plants. Like this guy. The Colorado Potato Beetle.

ImageThis bad boy is a serious pest for potatoes. So every couple of days we go through our potato plants and try to get rid of the eggs and adolescents before they get too much of a head start. They are soft bodied until they reach adulthood, so squishing is the tactic to use! Hence…beetle juice. You really have to get over any bug phobias when you decide to be an organic farmer.

Here is what the eggs look like.

ImageAnd they develop in to this.

ImageAnd then this, before they become adults.

ImageThe Colorado Potato Beetle is particularly difficult to control with insecticides even, because they have developed a resistance to most kinds. With small scale potato production, however, managing them the way we do works just fine.

Other than squishing bugs, all of us on the farm are preparing for the arrival of the interns! We will have 14 of them coming THIS weekend. They are from all over the country and come from a wide range of backgrounds. It will be fun to have new energy around here.

The summer is heating up! Quite literally… But its going to be jam packed full of activities…and opportunities!


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