Fueling Our Dreams With Greens

Now that spring is in full swing we have all been working really hard. For starters, we have harvested the last of the lettuce and greens in the cool season tunnel which has been mostly donated to the O’berry Center, which is a facility for people living with developmental disabilities.

image (3)

Our strawberry project has been going well. We have been getting a plentiful amount of berries in our recent harvest, which too have been donated to the O’berry center.

image (4)

Our trip to Alex Hitt’s place in Graham N.C was a pleasure. A very wise man who has been very successful in the small farm world. Peregrine Farm has been around since 1982. If you ever get a chance you should check out Peregrine Farm at the Carrboro Farmers Market.

Here's Alex with Marisa showing us his transplant hole puncher he uses.

Here’s Alex with Marisa showing us his transplant hole puncher he uses.

We have all our cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers planted in our warm season high tunnel. We also have a grafted tomato and cucumber project going on in our other warm season tunnels.

image (7)       image (8)

Our community work has begun too. We all have been getting our plans ready for the summer camps and programs Goldsboro has going on this year. We are all excited and ready to start. I have chosen the Parks and Recreation center and hope to teach the kids about how to garden successfully and the importance of local food. We have also begun our involvement with the extension service in the EFNEP cooking class, which is teaching people about healthy food choices and a healthy lifestyle.

A delicious veggie scramble

A delicious veggie scramble

In conclusion this program is teaching me something new everyday and I cannot wait to see what else lies ahead of us on the farm.




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