Monthly Archives: March 2013

Calving & Pasture Rotation at the Beef Unit…

Spring is arriving here in Goldsboro! We are well over halfway done with our calving season at the Pasture-Based Beef Unit and the grass is growing so well that we have switched from feeding stored hay to rotating our cows and their calves on grass.

Here’s a video of one of our newborn heifers and her mom. We have already weighed and tagged her before we were about to move the whole group to a new pasture. You can see they have eaten this pasture down and spread out their waste quite nicely! Many of the cows were mooing at us fervently when we approached as if to tell us “We’re ready to mooove, now!” since usually that’s what happens when we go out there on the ATV. They’ve got us trained, alright…

Here’s a video of the whole group enjoying a patch of brand-new grass. One of the most beautiful sights of springtime! “There’s not much purtier than that, I don’t think.” 🙂

This shiny grass is Marshall Ryegrass, one of the most palatable (or in other words, the tastiest) types of forages. These are some happy cows, indeed.